Meaning and Origin of the Name Caron

The name Caron is thought to originate with the Welsh from the word “caru” meaning love. Used for feminine and masculine genders, as a given name and also as a surname, the popularity of Caron has not increased since the 1960’s. As a surname, Caron is thought to be a derivative from the Latin name Caraunus. The meaning of Caron in Greek origin is “pure”.

How to Pronounce Caron

Generally Caron is pronounced as Car-Ron.

Famous People Called Caron

The surname Caron, is not new in Hollywood with notable actresses as Leslie Caron, Lucy Caron, Sandra Caron, Michelle Caron. Other notables with the name Caron include Renaissance composer, Firmnius Caron, Caron Butler, American basketball player; George Caron who was a member of Canadian Parliament, the French operatic soprano Rose Caron and Caron Wheeler a British R&B singer.

In addition to being a famous French family name, municipalities also bear the name Caron. This would include Caron in Saskatchewan, Canada, named after Sir Adolphe-Philippe Caron (1843-1908) a Canadian lawyer and politician, most notably the Minister of Militia and Defence. Caronport was a village in Saskatchewan, Canada that was home to the Caron Airport and a training base for pilots during WWII operating from December 1941 through January 1944.

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