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Origin of the Name Buddug

Buddug is the Welsh version of the name Boudicca. Boudicca, a queen in the first century, led a revolution against the Romans who occupied England at that time. She was from the Iceni tribe. Queen Boudicca is remembered for her intelligence and bravery. She opted to commit suicide than to be captured.

Meaning of Buddug

Buddug means “victorious”. This name is associated with visionary leadership, intelligence, and optimism. People with this name have a strong desire for positive change, and they may turn rebellious to achieve this desire. The meaning of Buddug may also include “energetic”.

Buddug Pronunciation

Buddug is pronounced as “bee-thig”. This is from the word “buddugoliaeth”, the Iceni queen. However, some people pronounce the name as”bu-th-ig”.

Popular People with the Name

Your baby girl will not be alone if you name her Buddug. She will share a name with celebrities such as:

• Buddug Verona James
• Amdan Buddug
• Buddug Morgan
• Buddug James Jones

Popularity of Buddug

The popularity of this name has dropped in recent years. Statistics carried out in 2014 showed that Buddug was not among the top 100 names most popular baby names in Wales. However, Buddug is still a respected name.

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