The Meaning Behind The Name Blodwyn

Blodwyn the Welsh name for Flower
Blodwyn the Welsh name for Flower

The Blodwyn pronunciation is BLOD-wen and is a Welsh name that is specifically for females, but has been issued as a surname.

The Blodwyn name means white flower, fair, and blessed. The meaning of the name is significant because it is derived from the Welsh flower Blodau which is a sacred flower.

The Blodwyn pronunciation is as simple as, a two syllable word and is still meant as a feminine name.


Blodwyn was not in the top 100 Welsh girls’ names in 2015.

Traits of the Name Blodwyn

Someone name Blodwyn is charismatic about life and is a free spirit that doesn’t have a problem making life long friends.

The meaning of Blodwyn gives your child a positive outlook about their life. Expect your little one to be creative and straightforward about any tasks at hand. An individual named Blodwyn is very family oriented and puts the needs of others before their own.

They are also known for being very honest and trustworthy. The popularity of Blodwyn has grew, but is still not listed in the top 100 baby names in the country. The rarity of the name makes it a great name for a child that is expected to be set apart from others because of their extraordinary talents and characteristics.

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