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Summary of the facts for the name Betsan:

Meaning and Origin of Betsan

Betsan is a Welsh female name that has the same roots as the name Elizabeth. So the meaning of Elizabeth in In English, Hebrew and Greek is ‘My God is a vow’ which therefore is the meaning of Betsan.

Popularity of the Name

Betsan is not in the top 100 most popular baby girl’s names in Wales in 2012.

Famous People Called Betsan

There are not too many famous people with the name Betsan in the public this is because the name is principally limited to being used in Wales. However the most famous Welsh woman with this name is Betsan Powys who is a political journalist that works for the BBC television and BBC radio Cymru. Bestan is married to an artist David Hammond  and enjoys  choral singing, harp music and competing in choral recitation competitions at the local chapel. This chapel is listed as Eisteddfodau of Bards. Bestan had gone ahead and had adopted a new name a bardic name “Betsi Tregana”.

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