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The Meaning of Beti

The traditionally feminine Beti name is the Welsh term for what many know as Betty and is diminutive of Elisabeth. While the name is typically associated with females, it can also be a unisex name.

The Welsh meaning of Beti is graceful, strong and happy. Originally, the name came from the Latin for Beatrix, she who brings happiness. In Spanish, Beti is also the nickname for Beatrix.

An example of someone with the first name Beti is Beti George a Welsh TV and radio broadcaster.


The name is moderately popular in Wales; however, from 2008 to 2012 the popularity of the name in the United States was consistent. In 2012 the popularity of Beti has been consistently on an incline with over 5,000 girls carrying the name so far in 2017. It’s interesting that in 2007, there were over 13,000 Beti’s in the United States.

Traits of Someone Called Beti

If you are a believer in the Kabalarian Philosophy, which is a study that explains who we are and is the basis for our health, happiness, and spiritual natures, the name offers more insights like:
• You’re a lover of nature
• You tend to be restless and inquisitive
• You have intense wishes
• You either have or will contribute to humanity in a significant way
• You lack patience and focus, and although you are capable of being highly analytical, you don’t like to stick with one topic too long
• You are creative, have lofty ideals
• You can be resentful and dramatic and may display temper tantrums and moodiness
• From a health perspective, you are prone to nervousness, indigestion, and ulcers may develop

Similar Names

Other names that are closely related to Beti include (please not these are not Welsh names):
• Beauty
• Betty or Bettie
• Bitty
• Buddy
• Beatty
• Bittu
• Bade
• Beata

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