Welsh Girls Names


Name Beca

Beca is a Welsh pet form of the name Rebecca. In Wales Beca is a name on its own rights.

Meaning of the Name Beca

The girl’s name Beca originates from the name Rebecca.  An English variation of on Rebecca is Becky.  The ‘Merched Beca’ (Rebecca’s daughters) was the name of the gangs who fought for fairer tax system in Wales during the 19th century.

Popularity of the Name

Although Beca is not in the top 100 Welsh baby girl’s name in the 2011 Baby Name for Girls study by the office of National Statistics it is a common name and can be found throughout Wales.

Famous People Called Beca

We couldn’t find too many people in the public eye with the name Beca. Please post your comments at the bottom of this page if you think anyone deserves a mention.


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