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History and Popularity of Gwyneth

Gwyneth, is not the most common name that people may name their child. The popularity of Gwyneth wasn’t even in the top 100 names in 2013. Gwyneth is however a lovely name. There are a few celebrities with the name Gwyneth, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwyneth Glyn, and Gwyneth Powell.

Meaning of the name Gwyneth

The meaning of Gwyneth is, white, fair, or blessed. You could say that the Gwyneth name is a very pure and beautiful name. Gwyneth was a popular name in Wales in the 1800-1900s. Now it is not the most popular name that is out there. In Wales Gwyneth is actually a more common name even though it did not meet the 100 most popular baby names. The name Gwyneth actually ranked number 886 on the baby name scale.

Name Overview

With several famous celebrities being named Gwyneth, it is possible that it will become a more popular name once again. Maybe in the near future Gwyneth will have a comeback and start moving up the most popular name scale. With there being 50,000 baby names out there Gwyneth ranking number 886 is not all that bad.

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The Name Gaynor

The name Gaynor is of Irish and Gaelic origin and can be used as either a boys name or a girls name. However, in recent time Gaynor’s popularity has been to use it as a girls name.

Meaning of the Welsh Name

The meaning of Gaynor is the “son of the fair-skinned one” which can be a bit confusing since it has been used more frequently as a girls name recently. In Irish, it literally means fair and soft. It can also mean strength. The name Gaynor is another name for Guinevere, which is the medieval form of the name. Gaynor is the modernized version of the name.


While Gaynor is not typically a name given to boys, is has been a popular surname or last name. For girls, it is a popular first name. There are many celebrities who have the name Gaynor, and while some of them have changed their name to something more common, not everyone has.

While the name has some popularity, it is still a very unique name in our society. If you are looking for a name that is not common, but is also not extremely uncommon, Gaynor is a good choice for you to add to your list.

Famous People with the Name Gaynor

Famous people include:

The actress Gaynor Faye and the singer Gloria Gaynor.

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Meaning and Origin of Alwen

The name Alwen is a very unique name to none Welsh speakers. It is one that you don’t see or hear very often outside Wales and when most people do hear it, they love they way it rolls off their tongues.

If you want to be surprised when your baby is born, why not choose a universal name? The name Alwen is just that. It can be used for either a girl or as a boy (Alwyn).

The meaning of Alwen is just as unique as the name itself. It means keeper of the elves. So if you are looking for something with a little bit of a fantasy twist to it, then the name Alwen is the one for your new little one.


There are several ways in which Alwen is pronounced, it all depends on where you wish to put the emphasis. For example: A-lwen, Al-wen, or A-l-wen. Normally in Wales it is pronounced Al-wen. Because of the flexibility of this name it all depends on you the parents as to how you would like your child’s name pronounced.

When you are thinking of how to pronounce Alwen, take in consideration how others may say the name as well. Depending on where they come from. So be aware that when you pronounce the baby’s name for the first time the person listening has a clear understanding of how to pronounce it.

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Anwen is a Welsh girl’s name and is popular within the Welsh speaking community, however outside Wales the name is often mistaken for the name “Arwen,” a name popularized by J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series (his languages frequently mimicked Welsh etymology). Anwen was not in the top 100 most popular girl’s names in Wales in 2012.

Meaning of the Name Anwen

Though the origins of the name Anwen are vague, the suffix -wen is thought to be an altered version of the word gwen, the feminine form of the word gwynn which once meant “white” or “blessed.” This suffix is used frequently in Welsh names such as Anwen, Arianwen and Ceinwen.

The first syllable, an, is an intensive prefix likened to the words “very” and “much.” The common meaning of Anwen is “very beautiful” though there is speculation that the word was inspired by another, annwyl, a term of endearment meaning “beloved” or “dear.” The name Anwen could also be considered a prefixed version of the name Gwen (meaning “pretty” or “fair”).

How to Pronounce Anwen?

Anwen pronunciation: Ann-wen.

Famous People

Famous people with the name Anwen include: Anwyn Rees-Myers and Anwen Keeling. In the popular series Torchwood, the daughter of the characters Gwen and Rhys is also named Anwen.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Mair 

Mair (pronounced like MIRE or MARE) is a popular Welsh girls name that can be used as a unisex or boys name (from non-Welsh origins). The name is also frequently found as a surname as well. Mair is the Welsh form of the name Mary which has many meanings varying from the unsure Hebrew definition (from the name Miryam) of “sea of bitterness” to the more likely Egyption meaning (derived from the word myr) of “beloved” or, more simply, “love.” Other meanings include “rebelliousness” and “wished for child.” The most common Welsh meanings seem to be “bitter,” similar to the French meaning of the name Marie which is, itself, a variant of Mary, and “star of the sea,” a meaning derived from the Latin words “stella maris.” Saint Jerome associated this phrase with the name of the Virgin Mary giving her the ancient title of “Our Lady, Star of the Sea. The title was meant to emphasize her role as a bastion of hope for the Christians of the time.

Variations of Mair

Variations of the name Mair include Mari and Mairwen. Mair serves double duty as the diminutive form of the name Mairwen.

Famous People Called Mair

Famous people with the name include Mair Jones and Angharad Mair.

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Summary of the facts for the name Betsan:

  • Origin – Welsh
  • Meaning – My God is a vow
  • Popularity – Not in the top 100 girl’s names

Meaning and Origin of Betsan

Betsan is a Welsh female name that has the same roots as the name Elizabeth. So the meaning of Elizabeth in In English, Hebrew and Greek is ‘My God is a vow’ which therefore is the meaning of Betsan.

Popularity of the Name

Betsan is not in the top 100 most popular baby girl’s names in Wales in 2012.

Famous People Called Betsan

There are not too many famous people with the name Betsan in the public this is because the name is principally limited to being used in Wales. However the most famous Welsh woman with this name is Betsan Powys who is a political journalist that works for the BBC television and BBC radio Cymru. Bestan is married to an artist David Hammond  and enjoys  choral singing, harp music and competing in choral recitation competitions at the local chapel. This chapel is listed as Eisteddfodau of Bards. Bestan had gone ahead and had adopted a new name a bardic name “Betsi Tregana”.

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Meaning and Origin

The Fflur pronunciation is unique in that it rolls gently off the tongue yet is not an exclusively feminine sound. The Fflur pronunciation is indicative of the Fflur meaning of Fflur which is ‘flower’. The image of purity and beauty are among the top reasons that the Fflur name is beginning to rise in popularity.

How to Pronounce the name Fflur

Fflur, pronounced as F-LEER is becoming a popular name for girls, but as of 2012 has not yet made the list of the top 100 names in Wales according to the Office of National Statistics. Name lists are maintained in almost every country and some trends cross over national borders and are used as unisex names for boys and girls.

Famous People Called Fflur

While the Fflur name is still catching on, there are some famous people in history who carry the same moniker. Elin Fflur Jones is a popular folk musician and lead singer of the band Bran. Not to be consider just another pretty face, Elin Fflur Jones is also very intelligent and went on to study law. While the exact origin of the Fflur name is unknown, the most widely accepted theory is that it came from a historical and beautiful Welsh region of the same name.

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Origin and Meaning of Eleri

The name Eleri is a Welsh female name. The name meaning is uncertain, but Eleri meaning is most likely river, based on the Eleri River in Wales. The name Eleri is most common in Wales, and is most likely related to the Celtic vernacular.


In 2012 Eleri was the 80th most popular name in England. According to the 2012 birth records there were 46 little girls were the Eleri. However, the name is the 825th most popular name in the United Kingdom. Last but not least Eleri name pronunciation is EH lee ree.

Famous People Called Eleri

Eleri is may have only been used 46 time, but United Kingdom a couple famous Eleri’s. The first Eleri was a Welsh princess, she was the daughter of Brychan 5th a Welsh King. There is no information about Eleri.

Another Eleri, (Eleri Siôn) is more current, she is a Welsh singer, radio personality, and television presenter. Sion was born in Neuaddlwyd, Aberaeron on a farm. She attended the school Ysgol Uwchradd Aberaeron and received her collegiate education at Lampeter University . Sion would take a break to work as a presenter and finishing her degree at Cardiff University. Sion is currently employed with BBC Radio Wales as a radio host.

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Origins of the name “Dwynwen”

Dwynwen (pronounced dooIN-wen) is a beautiful girl’s name, and when it is spoken aloud, it suggests an ancient past. That is because the name comes from 5th century Wales and the patron saint of lovers, Saint Dwynwen. Her story varies, but the following is one of the most popular:Dwynwen had fallen in love with a man named Maelon, but her father had arranged another marriage for her. Overcome with sadness, Dwynwen asked God to help her forget Maelon. So she received a potion from an angel that turned Maelon into ice. She was then granted three wishes. Her first wish was for Maelon to be thawed, the second that God would keep watch over all true lovers, and the third was that she would never be married. All these came true, and Dwynwen became a nun and built a church on the island of Llanddwyn, of which the remains are still there today. One can visit the island, where Dwynwen’s well stands. The well is believed to be the home of a sacred fish that can predict lovers’ futures. In present day Wales, St. Dwynwen day is the Welsh equivalent to St. Valentine’s day and is celebrated on January 25.

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Glynis is a great choice for a baby’s name if you are looking for something traditional which is not too common.

Glynis – Meaning and Origin

Glynis is a Welsh girl’s name that is a variation of the name Glenys that means ‘pure’.


Glynis is not currently in the top 100 Welsh baby names (2012 data). In the 1950’s Glynis was more popular and in 1954 the name was in the top 100 baby girls names in England and Wales (figures from Office of National Statistics).

How to Pronounce Glynis

Glynis is a fairly easy word to pronounce and it is it made up from 2 syllables Glyn-Is.

People Called Glynis

  • Glynis Barber – is an actress who has appeared on the soaps Emmerdale and Eastenders.
  • Glynis Johns – is a Welsh actress who has appeared in many movies over her acting career.

Variations on the name

Glenys is the main variation on this name.

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