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Gwennan name Meaning and Origin

Gwennan, pronounced (GWEN an), is a female name of Welsh origin meaning “blessed” or “luck” in the Welsh language, or alternatively, Daughter of Brychan. It is predominately used in Welsh-speaking or English-speaking countries. It is a derivative of the more commonly used Gwyneth, which is also of Welsh origin.

Variation in the Spelling

Gwennan has an alternative spelling of Gwenan.
People called Gwennan are often refereed to as Gwen.

Popularity of the Name

It is a fairly uncommon name and is not in the top 100 of most popular baby names in Wales as of 2014, although a few famous women share the name.

Famous People with the Name Gwennan

Here’s a few famous people with the name:

  • Gwennan Harris, a professional Welsh football striker, and
  • Gwennan Edwards, a Welsh  journalist and musician fluent in her native tongue.
  • There is also a ship named Gwennan Gorn (or gwennangorn), which was built by legendary sea voyager Madog ab Owain Gwynedd and had nails made of stag’s horns instead of iron.
  • King Aruther was also to have said to have a ship named Gwennan, which met its fate in shipwreck.

Similar Names

Similar baby girl names in the Welsh language are Gwen, Gwendolyn, Gwener, Gwenfrewy, Gwenith, Gwenllian, Gwylan, Gwyneira, and Gwynne.

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Meaning of the Welsh Name Nesta

The meaning of this female name of Welsh origin is pure.

In other countries Nesta can be a male name, an example of which is the Jamaican athlete Nesta Carter.


Nesta is not a popular Welsh name and so it was no surprise that it was not in the top 100 baby girls’ names in 2014 according to statistics from the UK Government.

Famous People Called Nesta

Through out history women have put this name to good use with a few of them being Nesta Helen Webster who for the better part of her life wrote some of the best secret society books to this day.

Another women is Nesta Toumine who was one of few famous dancers from Canada.

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Meaning of a Welsh Girl’s Name Elan

Elan is a girl’s name in the Celtic languages however it can be a boy’s name in other countries. The Welsh meaning of Elan is “the bright or shining one”. When used for a boy the meaning changes.

Elan name is the abbreviation version of the girl’s name Eleanor.

How to Pronounce Elan

The correct way how to pronounce Elan name is El-lan.

Popularity of the Name

The choosing of a name is so important. Many strongly believe the name you give your child will influence their accomplishments during their lifetime.

The name Elan, stems from Welsh origin. Even though not in the top rated 100 popular names for children in the past few years, it has been chosen in several countries. Also, the name Elan is used in different speaking countries, but specifically in countries where English is spoken.

Interesting Facts about the Name

Elan Valley
Elan Valley in Mid Wales

Just one of a few interesting bits of information about the name Elan is that there is also an Elan Valley, which is a favoured spot for holiday makers.

The Elan Valley is one of the most picturesque mountain regions in the world. It is an ideal location during all seasons and for those who love living a breathtaking hiking experience.

This spectacular Elan Valley is found in the majestic Cambrian Mountains, in Wales, Europe. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience as you hike and view the splendid woodlands and all the beauty that surrounds you.

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Origin of the Name Anna

Anna, is an Anglo-Saxon name from the Greek meaning Hannah.

Anna is a simplistic and excellent name to balance between cultures. When your child is older they will realise that their name is exotic and leaves room for plenty of intrigue about the persons personality and character. It signifies the past and also indicates family.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Anna grew to it highest record in the United States in 2014 when it was at 34th on the popular list for female baby names. In fact, the name Anna is always in the top 1000 list for baby names.

Meaning of Anna

The meaning of Anna derives from a royal history. It can be a biblical prophetess or Empress of Russia. The name Anna speaks class and dignity, but if your child decides to take a creative career path, Anna means creative genius. An Anna is much more likely to be involved in music and/or the arts. I

f you’re name Anna you have creative abilities in art and music. You’re also known for your sensitive nature and gentle spirit. An Anna is thought to be kind, sociable, and tentative to someone else’s needs. Anna is someone known to be affectionate and very friendly.

Famous People with the Name

A few famous people with the first name Anna:

  • Anna Ryder Richardson is British interior designer and television presenter who has a zoo in West Wales
  • Anna Kendrick is an American actress and singer
  • Anna Kournikova a retired famous tennis player and model

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Olwenna, The Rare And Beautiful

The name Olwenna is a very rare old name of Welsh origin. It is a derivative of Olwen, which has both English and Welsh roots. The meaning of Olwenna is White Footprints, or White Path.
The prefix ‘ol’ means ‘footprint’, ‘wheel’, or ‘path’, and ‘wen’ or ‘gwen’ means ‘fair’, ‘golden’, ‘white’, or ‘beautiful’.
Another common meaning of Olwenna is ‘Golden Wheel’, named after a goddess figure in Welsh mythology.

How to Pronounce Olwenna

Olwenna pronunciation: “OL-wen-Na”

History of the Name

There are not many references to this particular derivative of Olwen, and their histories are very difficult to separate. Olwen was the name of a maiden in one of the tales of King Arthur known as Olwen and Cullwch. This tale was probably first written in the 10th century, so it is probable that the name Olwen and it’s derivative Olwenna is at least that old.

The name Olwenna is actually very popular, in spite of the fact that the social security administration records the name as below the top 1,000 most popular names.

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The Welsh Origin Of The Name Arianwen

The name Arianwen has a historic origin that dates back all the way to the 5th century. While it is not a name that we may hear everyday, it is a name that has a feminine sound and feeling to it. It is a beautiful Welsh name.

People who live in Wales or have a Welsh heritage may wish to select it in order to carry on a tradition because of its Welsh roots.

Meaning of the name Arianwen

Arianwen is an uncommon name that is of Welsh origin. It means holy silver or white.

History of the Name

It is also the name of one of the daughters of the slightly famous 5th Century Welsh chieftain, Brychan. While the name Arianwen may not be as common as the name Jennifer or Katherine, it is a perfect girls’ name not only for its uniqueness but also for its magical beauty. Another famous person is Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood who is an Australian actress.

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History and Meaning of the Baby Name Non

If you are choosing a baby girl name you should consider the name Non. This name was not one of the most popular names but it is still a great name with a lot of history.

Non is an unusual name that you may not see many places but is a beautiful name and has meanings in the religious texts. The name is said to mean nun which is a woman who gives her life to God. What a wonderful name to give your child.

Famous People with the Name Non

Church of St Non
Church of St Non

There are several famous people named Non. One of which was the mother of Saint David, who is the Patron Saint of Wales. There are several chapels and churches that are named Non in remembrance of t Saint Non. Her shrine can still be seen at Dirinon’s Parish Church.

Another famous person with the name Non is Non Evans. Non Evans is a well known welsh sportswoman. She has competed in many different sports activities all over the world. This has including weightlifting, freestyle wrestling, judo, and rugby union.

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Meaning and Popularity of the Name Marged

One of the names that has been long associated with Wales is the name Marged. Marged is not one of the most popular names currently in Wales, but it has been historically.

Marged is the Welsh version of the name Margaret which means Pearl. it originally came from the Greeks. Popularity of Marged has waxed and waned throughout the years and it was not in the top 100 baby girls’s names in Wales in 2014.  It was however more popular during the 1930’s.

History of the Name Marged

Margaret was the patron saint of fertility, and has been popular world wide with many different variations of the name according to the country and the culture. Marged was the name that was very much a Welsh tradition and common name at one point in time. Some popular people with the name Marged are Marged_Tudor and Marged_FerchIfan.

The name Marged is very associated with Wales. Margaret has historically been a very popular name worldwide as mentioned, and the Welsh version of the name is something that was long used in Wales, generally earlier in time.

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Origin of the Name Buddug

Buddug is the Welsh version of the name Boudicca. Boudicca, a queen in the first century, led a revolution against the Romans who occupied England at that time. She was from the Iceni tribe. Queen Boudicca is remembered for her intelligence and bravery. She opted to commit suicide than to be captured.

Meaning of Buddug

Buddug means “victorious”. This name is associated with visionary leadership, intelligence, and optimism. People with this name have a strong desire for positive change, and they may turn rebellious to achieve this desire. The meaning of Buddug may also include “energetic”.

Buddug Pronunciation

Buddug is pronounced as “bee-thig”. This is from the word “buddugoliaeth”, the Iceni queen. However, some people pronounce the name as”bu-th-ig”.

Popular People with the Name

Your baby girl will not be alone if you name her Buddug. She will share a name with celebrities such as:

• Buddug Verona James
• Amdan Buddug
• Buddug Morgan
• Buddug James Jones

Popularity of Buddug

The popularity of this name has dropped in recent years. Statistics carried out in 2014 showed that Buddug was not among the top 100 names most popular baby names in Wales. However, Buddug is still a respected name.

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Meaning of the Name Sioned

The name Sioned in English translates to Janet. The meaning of Sioned is ‘Gracious Gift of God’. The name Sioned is also the name of a character in Welsh mythology, a goddess of a lake in West Wales.

Popularity of Sioned

Sioned is a Welsh name for a girl. This name didn’t make the top 100 baby girl’s in popularity (in Wales in 2014).

Famous People Called with the Name

There are a few famous people bare the name such as Sioned Jones. She’s an actress, director and writer who was born in 1980. Also, the athlete Sioned Harries, a rugby player born in 1989 and as well Sioned Williams, a Welsh-born British producer born in 1962.

How to Pronounce Sioned

It is pronounced SHON-ed, but some may pronounce it as Sha-ned or Shi-nade. While the wrong pronunciation may be a bit tiresome it can serve as a way to share the meaning if this strong, beautiful Welsh name.

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