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Meaning and Origin of Alwena

There are millions of girl’s names the world over and it just depends on upon one on which one to pick.  This article is going to talk about the name Alwena and why you should choose this name.

The meaning of Alwena is almost the same as Alwena as it is just its variant. It is a very common name in the Wales and has been in use for several years now. It sounds such a beautiful name, and it means a lady who keeps elves.

Popularity of the Name Alwena

Some people would love to give their kids names that have been used by iconic individuals in the society. Alwena has not been left behind too. The popularity of Alwena has been escalating over the years as because of an interesting welsh book called Alwena’s garden, which depicts a young girl who lives with her father out in the mountains. Alwena was in search of a backyard, and the story goes on to talk about how she marvelled so courageously to go about satisfying the guest for a garden of her own. If you are looking for a name for your daughter with a tinge of fantasy, then Alwena sounds right for you.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Lili

Lili wen fach, snowdrop in Welsh
Lili wen fach, snowdrop in Welsh

The name Lili is the Welsh version of the more commonly used name Lily which of course can both be shorter versions of the formal names Lilian or Elizabeth.

The meaning of Lili means different things depending on the culture. For example in Hebrew where the name first originated Lili means Oath or God or God’s satisfaction.

However, in French culture, the name means flower in representation of the flower species Lily. Yet in China the name is a variant on the name Lee-Lee which means beautiful.


As for the popularity of Lili as an actual name in recent years, it didn’t make the top 100 of the most popular baby girls’ names in the year 2015.  In the United States in 2012 around 89 baby girls were named Lili at the time of birth.

Famous People and Things Called Lili

As for some well-known individuals who have had the name Lili. Many made the name Lili known not just in the field of entertainment but also in other notable fields as well. These individuals included such notable names as Lili Taylor, Lili Kraus, and Lili Bose.

‘Lili wen fach’ in Welsh means snowdrop (flower).

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Teleri

The name Teleri is of Welsh descent. It is the extension of the name ELERI. The meaning of Teleri, or better put, the direct translation is “the daughter of Peul.”

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of the name Teleri is ranked 4739th. Teleri’s highest ranking was 1914th in 1996. And lowest ranking at 5545th in 2008. It is an extremely uncommon name. That puts the overall ranking at 3358. The information is from social security of United States, and/or the Office for National Statics of England, Wales.

How to Pronounce the Name Teleri

How to pronounce Teleri is a little tricky. There’s kind of a rolled “r” with the accent on the second syllable. ta-LAIR-ee, with a rolled “r” of course.

Famous People with the Name

Interesting other facts about the name Teleri, she is a character in Mabinogi, an multi player online role playing game. Also, Teleri were the third of the Elf clans who took the Great Journey in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Gateway.

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The meaning of Cerian

The name Cerian is a girl name that has Welsh origins. The Welsh meaning of Cerian is beloved. The name also has a similar sentiment is Italian and Latin meaning dear and charity respectively.

Cerian is a variation on the Welsh/English name Ceri. It has extensive variations in other languages as well.


It is a very uncommon and unique name as it was not included in the 100 most common baby girl names in 2015. It wasn’t even in the top 1000 baby girl names in 2015. There isn’t much information of the popularity of Cerian because it is such an unorthodox name.

How to pounce Cerian

How to pronounce Cerian is ‘Kerry-Ann’.

Famous People with the Name

Someone recognisable with this name is Cerian Griffiths. She is an award winning writer, editor, and proofreader. She is also a highly regarded Ghostwriter. Cerian is a distinguished name for a baby girl. It is just unique enough without being classified as bizarre.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Elena

The name Elena is a Welsh form of Helen.

Helen of Troy was famous for being the cause of the Trojan War. She was the most beautiful woman in the world and was married to the Greek King Menelaus. When Prince Paris of Troy kidnapped her, the war began, ending in Troy’s defeat.

However, the name Elena now has more peaceful associations. It’s a name also used in Italy and Spain, and the meaning of Elena is “bright light” or “shining one.” People with this name are said to be creative and courageous and also born leaders. But they can sometimes be a bit stubborn.

Popularity of Elena

Although Elena is a form of Helen that goes back to the 12th century, it was not in the top 100 of popular girls’ names in Wales in 2014.

Famous People Named Elena

Elena Ferrante is an Italian novelist who in 2016 was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine. She’s most noted for her Neapolitan Novels.

Elena Igorevna Radionova is a Russian figure skater. She was the 2015 Russian national champion.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Tegan

The popularity of Tegan is not too great, even though it is a beautiful Welsh girl’s name. And it is perfect for any parent who wants to give their child a bit more of a unique name because it was not found to be in the list of the top 100 names in 2014.

The meaning of Tegan means “loved one”, “darling”, or “favourite”. It is truly a special name because of that. It is a girl name that any parent can feel great about giving to their daughter.

You may also be surprised to learn that the name tegan means toy in Welsh.

Famous People with the Name Tegan

This beautiful name is shared with Tegan Jovanka, a fictional character in a British science fiction television show, and with others, as well.

It is the name of a Canadian singer, who is in a folk group Tegan and Sara, and it is the name of a Canadian actress, Tegan Moss, as well. Tegan Martin is an Australian model, and even though the name Tegan is not one of the most popular names, there are quite a few girls who gracefully bear the name. It is something special, and it is a name that no one will forget.

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Meaning and Origin of Welsh Name Rhona

There are hundreds of Welsh names with several different spelling variations. Whether you are researching the meaning of your birth name or looking for a name with a unique or beautiful meaning for a baby girl, we have the perfect name for you.

The name Rhona comes from the variant of the Welsh name Rowena, which means “white-haired”. The meaning of Rhona is “fair lance” (spear), “fair”, or “slender”.

Popularity of the Name Rhona

The popularity of Rhona didn’t make the top 100 list of popular Welsh names, but there have been several famous people with this name. Rhona Bennett is a famous actress, model, and was part of the musical group En Vogue from 2003 to 2008. Rhona K Adair was a famous golfer during the early 1900’s that won the prestigious British Ladies Amateur in 1900 and 1903.

There are other famous women with the name of Rhona that inspired parents to select this name. Regardless of the popularity of Rhona, many people find the name Rhona and the meaning of Rhona just as appealing as the names that made the top 100 list of popular Welsh names.

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The Meaning Of Lynn And Its Origin

The name Lynn is associated with water. Its origin is believed to be from the Welsh word llyn which means lake in the Welsh language.

Lynn can also mean a pool of water, a waterfall, a pond and even a flowing brook. Some historians believe that the name Lynn was given to people who resided near a body of water in ancient Britain.

Lynn is also thought to be a shorter version of the name Lynette. Another possible meaning of Lynn is beautiful. It can also mean ruddy in complexion, referring to a red haired individual.

The Popularity Of Lynn

Lynn is not one of the top 100 names for girls in Wales according to the latest census taken in 2014. The popularity of Lynn seems to be declining.

It is however frequently used as middle name now. Lynn is also commonly found as an addition to another girl name at the end, such as in the name Katelynn for example.

Famous Women With The Name Lynn

There are many famous women who are named Lynn. Some examples include world famous American rock climber Lynn Hill, British actress Lynn Redgrave and British journalist and author Lynn Barber.

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The Origin of Girl’s name Annest

The Annest name originated from the Old Greek language. It also originated from Great Britain. It is a form of Agnes from the Dutch, English, German, and Scandinavian. Also  derived from Anest, Annesta.

Meaning of Annest

In Greek, the Annest name means to be pure, chaste, or holy. In Welsh, the Annest name means hunger. It can also mean lamb or one after the name Agnes.

How to Pronounce Annest?

The name is pronounced as ‘ANN-est’

Popularity of the Name

In 2014, the Annest name was not in the top 100 most popular names for girls in Wales. It is not a common name for girls or women.

Alternative Forms of the Name

Variations of the name include, Anais, Agnes, Agness, Anessa, Anis, Anissa, Annice, Annis, Ines and Anais.

Famous People Called Annest

Annest was the name of a twelfth century princess. The princess was the daughter of Gruffydd ap Cynan, King of Gwynedd, and his mistress, Angharad.

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The Girl’s Name Siwan

Siwan is a girl’s name that is predominantly used in Wales. It is a name fit for a child with distinction and can be used as a middle name.

It was borne off the illegitimate daughter of King John, Joan the Lady of Wales. She was the subject of the play Siwan, which was in the Welsh language. This led to a revival of the name in Wales.

Meaning of Siwan

The Welsh girl’s name Siwan is a form of the English name Joan. It roughly means “God is gracious” and is pronounced Shoo An.

Popularity of Siwan

Siwan is not a popular baby girl name. It is not ranked within the top 1000 baby names.

Famous People named Siwan

Siwan is a play that was produced in 1956 and written by Saunders Lewis. The play led to the re-emergence of the name.

Here are a few famous people named Siwan:

  • Siwan Jones – Award winning scriptwriter and creator of a number of highly acclaimed series such as Alys, Tair Chwaer, and Con Passionate.
  • Siwan Morris – Popular Welsh Singer and Actress.
  • Joan of Arc – Was a French military leader and a heroine. Was accused of Heresy and burnt on a stake.

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