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The Carwen and Its Meaning

The female name Carwen and the male equivalent Carwyn have the same origins.

The meaning of Carwen is fair and loved, and it is a name that people usually choose carefully because it has more than one spelling. There are a lot of people who choose this name for their baby girl because of it’s meaning.


The popularity of Carwen has never been that high and it was not in the top 100 baby girls’ names in Wales in 2016.


If you are expecting and are not sure of the sex of your baby Carwen is a great name to choose as it can be used for females or for males (as Carwyn) and it has a lovely meaning.

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The Name Siriol And Its Unique Heritage

The name Siriol that you have found is one that is pretty interesting because you first have to learn how to pronounce Siriol. You have to then look into the meaning of Siriol because that is interesting in its own right.


The meaning of Siriol is cheerful, and it is a Welsh name that you have to learn how to say before you give it to a girl. You might think that it is pronounced See-ree-ol, but it is actually pronounced Sirr-yol.

This is a very unique name and you don’t often hear people called Siriol (it wasn’t in the top 100 baby girls names in Wales in 2016). Siriol has Welsh roots that will remind you that it has a joyful meaning.

People with the name Siriol

  • Siriol Jenkins is an actress who appeared in the Welsh TV series Stella
  • Siriol Joyner is an independent choreographer from Aberystwyth in Mid Wales
  • Siriol Burford won an award for being one of the most inspiring women in Wales in 2017.


You can look deeper into this name finding out that it has been used on characters in a lot of old tales that come from a long time ago. You can use those stories to teach a girl about them name, and you will find that the popularity of Siriol has not cracked the top 100 because it is not the first name that parents will think of. This is one that you can use to be sure that you will give your baby something that you think stands out.

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Meaning and History on the Name Ceinwen

The name Ceinwen is known to be a girls name. The origin of the name is Welsh and the meaning of Ceinwen is “lovely”, “blessed” and “fair”.  What a precious meaning for a beautiful baby girl!

A great name no one in your kids class will have! The name Ceinwen has however been known to also be a surname.


The name Ceinwen has not made it to the Top 100 most popular girl names in Wales as of the most recent statistics taken back in the year of 2016. Even throughout history this baby name has stayed off any of the popular charts, never making it near the top hundred!

This name is extremely unique and it is a safe bet it will not be on any popular charts soon.

Famous People with the Name Ceinwen

Despite the popularity of Ceinwen being so low you might have heard this name before from a few well know/ famous people such as:

  • Ceinwen Rowlands, a welsh recording artist and concert soprano back in the early 1900s.
  • Saint Keyne, also known as Ceinwen, a Hermitess in the 5th century.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Gwylan

Gwylan the Welsh Name for Seagull
Gwylan the Welsh Name for Seagull

If there are any moms out there that are looking for the perfect name for there soon to be daughters. Then keep reading because we might have a great name to put on your baby names list.

Gwylan is a fairly uncommon name and it is a welsh word which means seagull.


The popularity of Gwylan was not that popular. It was so not popular that it wasn’t even in the top one hundred in Wales in 2016.

How to Proununce the Name Gwylan

People pronounce Gwylan in many different ways but “Gwill-Ann” is the most common way that the name is said in Wales.

Famous People and Things Called Gwylan

There are not too many famous people or things with the first name Gwylan:
Ynys Gwylan-Fawr and Ynys Gwylan-Fach are two islands off Aberdaron in North West Wales.
Gwylan Goddard a photographer who’s based in Canada


If you are ever in a moment to looking into some unique not so popular girl names that maybe you will consider Gwylan as the perfect name for your little girl.

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The Meaning Of The Girl’s Name Haf

Haf the Welsh word for Summer
Haf the Welsh word for Summer

The meaning of Haf is a girl’s name that is the Welsh meaning of Summer. The name Haf was created from the Welsh culture or is derived from Welsh culture by people that want to name their daughters’ summer, but with their own meaning.

Haf is more likely to be used as a middle name rather than a first name because it goes well with other names.

Famous People Called Haf

Famous people with Haf as their name include the author Haf Williams from Llansannan, Clwyd. She is mainly known to be a teacher, but also writes books as well. There is also Elin Haf Davies, who is a well-known author and motivational speaker. Elin has even had the pleasure of speaking on TEDTalks. Another famous person with the name Haf is Catrin Haf Jones. who is a well-known reporter who has just joined the S4C current affairs series which is very popular in her area. These are just a few of the people that have the name which shows the popularity of Haf as a name.


The popularity of Haf is quite large among Welsh culture since the meaning of Haf has a beautiful connotation to it for everyone who hears the name and knows the meaning.

Haf was not in the top 100 baby girls’ names in Wales in 2016.

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Origins of the Name Ceri

Ceri has its origins in the Celtic languages of Welsh and French. The name is both a male and female name.

The girl’s form of the name actually is a shortened form of the girl’s name Ceridwen which means “fair or blessed poetry”.

It is also thought that the meaning of Ceri is ‘love’ and originates from the the Welsh word caru.

How to Pronounce Ceri?

Ceri is a simple name consisting of 2 syllables, pronounced as KE-ri

Similar Celtic Names to Ceri

Types of Ceri incorporate the Welsh Cari, the name Caris, the Welsh Caryl, the Welsh Carys, the Welsh Cerian, the Welsh Cyril, the name Ceris, the English and Welsh Cerys, and the Irish Keri.

Popularity of the Name

Ceri is exceptional as a child young lady name but the popularity of Ceri is not at a high. What’s more, It wasn’t in the top 100 baby girls’ names in Wales in 2016. However this names was more popular in the 1990’s in England and Wales reaching the heights of the 357th most popular female name in 1997.

Famous People with the Name Ceri

Unfortunately there are not too many famous people called Ceri. IMDb move database credits Ceri Bostock who starred in the film Merlin War of the Dragons and Ceri Bethan who was in the the series Criminal Minds.

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Top Welsh Girls Names in 2016

Some of the top Welsh girls names in 2016 have remained the same from previous years, but some of the names climbed up rather quickly this year. Aria and Willow both gained popularity and climbed up to 39th and 23rd places in the top 100 baby girl names, respectively. Another name that climbed up quickly was Aurora. A few of the names that just made it into the top 100 baby girl names this year are Maddison, Luna, and Penelope. A few other names that gained popularity in 2016 are Marnie and Autumn.

There are a few girls names that are more popular in Wales than England, and they include Seren, which took the 16th spot in 2016, Ffion 25th position and Alys, which took the 44th spot. The most popular girls name in Wales in 2016 was Olivia. Amelia was in the top spot in the year 2015, and it wasn’t far behind in 2016, still making it to being one of the most popular Welsh girls names in that year, as well.

There were some nature names like Autumn and Willow that have made it to being some of the most popular names in 2016, and some classic ones like Alys, too.

The 10 Most Popular Girls Names in Wales

Unfortunately none of the top 10 girls names originated from Wales in 2016.

  1. Olivia
  2. Amelia
  3. Ella
  4. Ava
  5. Isla
  6. Emily and Evie
  7. Mia
  8. Lily
  9. Isabella


Origin and Popularity of the Name Gwenda

Gwenda Thomas the Welsh Labour Politician
Gwenda Thomas, a Welsh Labour Politician

The name Gwenda originated in Welsh. The popularity of Gwenda reigned in the 20th century, being connected to the form of a saint.

There were four famous people named Gwenda- Gwenda Hawkes (British race car driver), Gwenda Morgan (British artist), Gwenda Owen (Welsh singer), and Gwenda Thomas (Welsh politician).

Meaning and Origin of the Name Gwenda

The meaning Gwenda is “fair, good.” It is associated with “lovely.” The name was first listed in 1930 and the popularity of Gwenda, became astounding in America during the 1950’s. Gwenda was also a popular character in the Agatha Christie novel in 1976 and a character in the miniseries “World Without End.”

Variations in the Name

There are also nicknames and variations of Gwenda such as- Gwennda, Gwynda, Gwinda and the lovely name Gwen. The meaning of Gwenda is special.

People with this name tend to be romantic, passionate, and have a magnetic personality. Many who are born with this name usually follow professions in fields where they can lend a helping hand. It’s an amazing name for a girl and has history and culture associated with it.

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Meaning of Blodeuwedd

Blodeuwedd meaning Flower Face
Blodeuwedd meaning Flower Face

Based on the mythological text Mabinogi, the meaning of Blodeuwedd is “face of flowers”, or “flower face”. She was created by Gwydion for his nephew Lleu Llaw Gyffes from the blossoms of broom, meadow-sweet, and oak.

Beautiful but unfaithful, she is eventually punished for infidelity by eternal transformation into an owl.

Thus, the name Blodeuwedd encompasses both grace and rebellion, romance and tragedy.

Popularity of Blodeuwedd

According to common baby-naming websites, the popularity of Blodeuwedd is low, rarely found outside of the United Kingdom. It does not appear in the top 100 popular names of 2017.

In Popular Culture

John Steinbeck briefly mentions the name Blodeuwedd in his story Sweet Thursday (1954).
The story and name of Blodeuwedd is used in the Alan Gardner novel The Owl Service (1967), and the Welsh book and film, Tylluan Wen.
The Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru has revived the classic story of Blodeuwedd, setting it during World War II.

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Meaning and Origin of the Nmae Arwen

The popularity of Arwen, a Welsh baby girls name, is not as great as a lot of baby girls names in Wales. It wasn’t one of the one hundred most popular names in 2015, but the name Arwen is still beautiful.

The pronunciation is simple, the spelling is easy, and the meaning is “fair” or “fine.” The meaning is perfect for a baby girl, and that is part of what makes it a great name even though it is not too popular.

Famous People Called Arwen

Liv Tyler played Arwen in the film Lord of the Rings
Liv Tyler played Arwen in the film Lord of the Rings

Some of the reasons why people will recognise the name Arwen are because of Arwen Colles and because of a fictional character named Arwen in J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel. Arwen Colles is an area of small hills on Saturn, and that is a special reason to choose the name.


The name Arwen isn’t too popular in Wales (not in the top 100 baby girls’ names in 2017), but it is still a pretty sounding name and one that can be easily spelled and pronounced. The meaning of Arwen is a great reason to choose it for a baby girl, as well.

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