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Origin of the Name Anna

Anna, is an Anglo-Saxon name from the Greek meaning Hannah.

Anna is a simplistic and excellent name to balance between cultures. When your child is older they will realise that their name is exotic and leaves room for plenty of intrigue about the persons personality and character. It signifies the past and also indicates family.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Anna grew to it highest record in the United States in 2014 when it was at 34th on the popular list for female baby names. In fact, the name Anna is always in the top 1000 list for baby names.

Meaning of Anna

The meaning of Anna derives from a royal history. It can be a biblical prophetess or Empress of Russia. The name Anna speaks class and dignity, but if your child decides to take a creative career path, Anna means creative genius. An Anna is much more likely to be involved in music and/or the arts. I

f you’re name Anna you have creative abilities in art and music. You’re also known for your sensitive nature and gentle spirit. An Anna is thought to be kind, sociable, and tentative to someone else’s needs. Anna is someone known to be affectionate and very friendly.

Famous People with the Name

A few famous people with the first name Anna:

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