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Meaning and Origin of Alwena

There are millions of girl’s names the world over and it just depends on upon one on which one to pick.  This article is going to talk about the name Alwena and why you should choose this name.

The meaning of Alwena is almost the same as Alwena as it is just its variant. It is a very common name in the Wales and has been in use for several years now. It sounds such a beautiful name, and it means a lady who keeps elves.

Popularity of the Name Alwena

Some people would love to give their kids names that have been used by iconic individuals in the society. Alwena has not been left behind too. The popularity of Alwena has been escalating over the years as because of an interesting welsh book called Alwena’s garden, which depicts a young girl who lives with her father out in the mountains. Alwena was in search of a backyard, and the story goes on to talk about how she marvelled so courageously to go about satisfying the guest for a garden of her own. If you are looking for a name for your daughter with a tinge of fantasy, then Alwena sounds right for you.

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