Welsh Girls Names


Origin of the Girl’s Name Alaw

The Alaw name has been used by a popular Welsh band named Alaw, a Welsh river named Afon Alaw, and many little girls and women alike. This is a beautiful name that has been used for many centuries and is still a relatively popular name in Wales today.


It is widely reported that the meaning of Alaw is melodious, which is why the popular musical band, Alaw, has this name as their band’s title. The Afon Alaw is a river that may have gotten its name from the sounds of the creatures that may live near the river. The very sounds of their calls may sound almost, if not very, melodious to some.

Other sources indicate that the actual and original meaning is the old Welsh name for ‘Lily’.


The popularity of Alaw has decreased since last year in 2013. The name Alaw was not even in the top 100 popular Welsh names list. In relativity to certain other Welsh names, however, the popularity of Alaw is still significant and noticeable.

How to Pronounce Alaw

The Alaw name is pronounced AH-low, which actually rhymes with now. It almost sounds like the word allow, except there is more emphasis on the first letter of the name.

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